Footull, the hands-free door opener

The Footull is a hands-free door opener which minimises the spread of germs by enabling you to open doors using only your foot.  Footulls are 100% manufactured in the UK and, unlike other door openers, give you the option of using either your toe or the sole of your foot.

Suitable for any latchless doors, Footulls are available in stainless steel or yellow for increased visibility. The Footull is easy to install, mounting straight onto the door, and affordable for large organisations and small businesses alike, at £15 + VAT each.  Full survey and installation also available.

Welcome To Footull

A sustainable solution based on 30 years’ experience in metalwork manufacture

Entirely manufactured in the UK

We offer both stainless steel and bright yellow options for increased visibility

Easy for self-fit or full survey and installation options available

Not only is it a Great British product, the Footull is also a sustainable solution.  As a one-off purchase, it can be removed and installed on new doors, and also saves unnecessary wastage on products that would otherwise be required for sanitising door handles. 

Beyond health and safety, however, the Footull is also useful for when you are moving around with your hands full – teachers in schools, waiting staff carrying trays, carers helping patients, gym users carrying equipment.


How we’re helping industries across the board

Primary schools

Installed in schools, Footulls are minimising the spread of germs by reducing hand touchpoints around the school.  Pupils love the bright yellow colour and find the Footulls fun to use, and staff are finding them invaluable when their hands are full.  One headteacher said “I had my hands full and was about to perform some elaborate elbow manoeuvre when I remembered the Footull.  Brilliant!  We love it!”

Offices, Retailers and Residential Blocks

Retailers, offices, industrial units and residential blocks are using Footulls in order to minimise the risk of spreading germs. Installed in communal areas, these reduce risk in the workplace and home by making high traffic areas contactless.

Leisure facilities

Whether for changing rooms, toilets, or entrance doors, Footulls mean that leisure facilities can re-open with the peace of mind that high traffic areas are contactless.  Not only does this minimise the spread of germs, but it is also invaluable for sportspeople and gym users with their hands full of sports bags and equipment.

Pubs and restaurants

“What’s the point of washing your hands and then touching a door handle?”  Pubs and restaurants are using Footulls to prepare for a safe re-opening after COVID-19.  Beyond this, however, customers want these installed on toilet doors as standard, and staff can now easily move through doors carrying trays and glasses.

Care homes

Footulls not only minimise the spread of germs in care homes, but also enable staff to move safely and efficiently around the premises.  Whether they are physically helping residents or have their hands full with trays of food or bags of washing, Footulls are of practical help in enabling them to open doors using only their foot.

The product

The Footull

  • Hands-free door opener to minimise the spread of germs
  • Suitable for all latchless doors
  • A British-manufactured, sustainable solution
  • Available in stainless steel or yellow
  • Easy to install
  • Full survey and installation service also offered

£15.00 + VAT

per unit

Need Something More Custom? You Dream It, We’ll Make It.

With 30 years’ experience in metalwork design, we also offer custom-made Footulls to suit your premises.  Whether you have an exact idea of what you want, or would like some creative inspiration, get in touch and we would love to help.

I had my hands full and was about to perform some weird elbow manoeuvre to try and open the door when I remembered the footull! Brilliant!

We LOVE it!

This is well needed and brilliant in its simplicity

Footulls need to be on every toilet door in the land!

Even outside of COVID this is going to be great when staff have their hands full of trays and empty glasses

For more information, bespoke orders and any other queries please don’t hesitate to contact us. Either email us or click through to the contact page to fill out the enquiry form.

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